Winterdienst auf der Landstraße mit Streudienst
Winterdienst auf der Landstraße mit Streudienst

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Clearing & Winter Service

Stay on the safe side in any weather: EQQO is your powerful and reliable winter service partner. We are there for you in any weather and at any time to keep traffic areas, paths and driveways, company premises, parking lots and delivery zones free of snow and ice. With us you fulfill your traffic safety obligations – guaranteed..

  • Clearing and winter service around the clock
  • Strong fleet with 300+ qualified and reliable service partners
  • 100% road safety with 0% liability risk
  • Nationwide availability

We are EQQO!

Ready to action!

More Flexibility

More safety: 100% road safety, 0% liability risks

Minimize the risk, maximize safety: As part of the winter service, you transfer your municipal or private traffic safety obligations as well as all liability risks to EQQO.

EQQO cleans city centres & squares