Kehrmaschinen Fuhrpark zur Straßenreinigung von EQQO

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Rely on reliable clean chews: EQQO is your high-performance partner for cleaning municipal roads, state roads and motorways. We work holistically and transparently so that you are always on the safe side: from tour optimisation and traffic safety to transparent cleaning tracking in real time - every kilometer.

  • Maximum experience from 2,000+ kilometers of sweeping – every day
  • 300+ state-of-the-art vehicles in action for you
  • Efficient tour planning for minimal traffic disruption
  • Digital performance control and documentation in real time
GPS Tracking in Echtzeit
GPS Tracking in Echtzeit

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More transparency: tracking app with real-time performance control

Rely on performance that you can track: We document every sweeping kilometer using GPS-supported telematics and make the data available to you digitally in real time - via a tracking app and via your personal website dashboard. All mission trips are legal compliant and GDPR-compliant.

We are EQQO!

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Municipal and extra-municipal street cleaning

Clear your roads: EQQO cleans municipal roads, freeways and country roads, gullies, culverts and bridge decks. We rely on the most modern sweepers, which clean more productively and affect road traffic as little as possible - you rely on dirt-free roads at any time of the year, of course secured in accordance with MVAS/RSA. And thanks to digital route planning and real-time access to the cleaning process, you always have an eye on cleanliness.

Sinkkastenreinigung durch einen Mitarbeiter von EQQO

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Gully cleaning

Don't give leaves, street sweepings and grit a chance: EQQO cleans gullies, road gullies and sewer control shafts in urban areas and outside of town. When it comes to cleaning, we rely on efficient and sustainable special machines - with EQQO you can rely on real added performance:

  • Mechanical gully cleaning in the two-driver system
  • 50% reduction in cleaning time
  • Full transparency through GPS tracking
  • Utilisation of the gully material to secondary raw materials