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Street waste recycling

Think sustainably, act holistically: EQQO is the world's first infrastructure service provider to bring recyclable materials from the cleaning and maintenance of traffic areas back into the resource cycle. Let's make our world more sustainable together - with  Circular Solutions.

  • Economically and ecologically efficient material flow management
  • Treatment and recycling of valuable resources
  • In-house recycling in the company's own recycling facility
  • 150,000+ tons of mineral waste recycled each year

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Recycling of street sweepings & infrastructure  waste

Sustainability is on the road: Every cleaning job by EQQO makes your infrastructure cleaner, safer - and brings valuable resources back into the material cycle. We recycle 100% of street sweepings and infrastructure waste in our company's own recycling plant in the Netherlands, for example into raw materials such as bulk material for road and dyke construction.

Material flow management for major customers

When it comes to material flow management, rely on EQQO, the pioneer for sustainable waste concepts: In addition to our own street sweepings, we also recycle waste that you, as a major customer, deliver directly. The use of secondary raw materials saves CO2 and improves your ecological balance and protects scarce landfill capacities. Close the material cycle with us and protect primary raw materials.

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Waste concepts for municipal material flow management

Make your municipal waste management fit for a green future: EQQO is your partner for implementing the specifications of the European and German waste laws as well as the circular economy laws of the federal states. We advise you on the introduction of resource-optimised recycling processes and take care of the recovery with the most modern recycling techniques. Rely on ecologically sustainable and legally compliant documented processes - recycle municipal infrastructure waste with EQQO to secondary raw materials.

EQQO cleans roads and areas

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