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We are EQQO, one of the largest private infrastructure service providers for municipalities, municipal companies and companies - and the first provider of circular solutions. Your added value are all-encompassing and clean solutions: in the cleaning and maintenance of streets, squares and areas as well as in waste recycling.

  • 400+ employees
  • 350+ state-of-the-art vehicles
  • 4 Locations
  • Holistic offer

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How we became who we are

EQQO is the result of consistent development: The company history describes our path to a sustainable future - as a holistic infrastructure service provider for municipalities, municipal companies and companies.


2023 The portfolio grows:
EQQO takes over Steidel GmbH from Bavaria and the Dutch company Appeldoorn B.V.

2022 Name the future when it comes to demands:
ALBA merges with EQQO, one of the largest private companies for sustainable and efficient cleaning services.

2021 Digital transparency:
The tracking app and tracking dashboard provide municipal customers with real-time information on cleaning performance and tour schedules.

2021 Holistic focus:
The company takes over with TECHWA Industriedienstleistung GmbH and Boon & Pijlman Milieu B.V. (NL) Specialists in cleaning and material flow management.

2019 Different times, new ways:
The management takes over the running of the company.

2018 Sustainability with E:
The first electric sweeper goes into operation.

2012 The portfolio grows:
KW Straßenreinigung GmbH becomes part of the group of companies.

2007 Even more power:
Henning Street Cleaning is integrated into the company.

2006 New building and relocation:
The current company premises are being built on 3 hectares on Dieselstrasse.

1999 The next generation:
Dr. Jörg Baving and Claus Baving take over the management.

1964 Father & son with a vision:
Albert and Hans Baving found the company - with a road sweeper and the ideal of a clean environment.