#more responsibility


We take our ecological responsibility seriously! With every sweeping kilometer we make our environment cleaner: through sustainable process chains, digitally optimized routes, low-emission and chemical-free technology, trained specialist staff and an innovative material cycle. Go green! 

  • Environmental management system according to ISO 14001 with annual recertification
  • EURO VI fleet for resource-saving and low-noise operations
  • Certified maintenance to minimize consumption and CO2 emissions in the company's own central workshop
  • Environmentally friendly, mechanical cleaning processes without chemicals

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#more circulation
Rethinking recycling: Circular Solutions

EQQO is the world's first provider of circular infrastructure solutions: we bring waste and infrastructure waste back into the material cycle with our in-house recycling plant, for example as bulk material for dyke and road construction. This is how we close material cycles and conserve resources.



#more green
our way: CO2 neutrality

Best practice is our standard: we act in a resolutely circular manner, rely on resource-saving routing, an efficient EURO VI vehicle fleet and specialized technology instead of all-a-bit-experts. Thanks to efficient processes, we combine ecological and economic sustainability - and consistently follow the path to becoming a climate-neutral market leader.

EQQO Hauptsitz mit Kehrmaschine zur Straßenreinigung

EQQO brings the future into the now

We are proud to be writing the future today: our headquarters in Neuenkirchen is 100% CO2-neutral!

  • 140 kWp photovoltaic system and purchase of electricity from renewable energies
  • Wood chip heating with underfloor heating in administration and workshopt
  • Short distances for street sweepings thanks to the on-site drainage system